We hope that everyone had a good and successful gardening season!

The weather is changing quickly and stormy /rainy weather is coming upon us very soon. (poor gardening weather) Therefore we decided to close our garden centre till March 22, 2022. People can still order plants and trees from us. Just phone us @ 604-819-5846 and make an appointment.

Lastly we want to thank all our customers for the tremendous support ! We looking forward to serve everyone next year SPRING.

Sincerely, John Hanson

Hallo everyone in our gardening world. After “a HOT  SUMMER”, we are looking forward to lower temperatures in weeks to come! Starting  September 1, 2021 ,   we are open again to the public from  Tuesday – Saturday,  8.00am –  5pm . No appointments  needed.  We are looking forward  to serve everyone  with your garden needs.

Exciting news is that we are ordering in some very nice Hibiscus perennials (2 gallon size), 17  different varieties!!!

These  Hibiscus have big flowers, about 8 ” large flowers,  white, pink, red, with a variety of shades. You have to see those Hibiscus to believe it. Some  of  varieties we carry are:

  • Hibiscus Airbrush Effect  (vibrant pink flowers)
  • Hibiscus  Blackberry Merlot  (deep red flowers)
  • Hibiscus  Dark Mystery  (purple foliage  8-9″ white flowers)
  • Hibiscus  Mars Madness  (magenta -pink  flowers)
  • Hibiscus  Starry Night  (dark, almost black foliage & pale pink flowers)
  • Hibiscus   Summer  in  Paradise  (green leaves & cerise red flowers)
  • Hibiscus  Summerific  Ballet  Slippers (white ruffled flowers , flushed with pink edges & deep red eye)

plus  more…. Summerific  varieties  such as  Evening Rose,  French Vanilla,  Holy  Grail,  Perfect Storm, Spinderella.

NOTE:  if you want to see a picture of a particular  Hibiscus ??  Type in the name and google it.

Did you know you can order by phone  ??? All we need is your credit #  &  expiration date.

Our message is :  RELAX  &  ENJOY  THE  FLOWERS IN YOUR GARDEN !!!

During the summer months we are only open by appointments.

We are TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to hot weather until July 14th 2021

Hello everyone,

Opening up Saturday March 20, 2021, from 8.00am – 5.00pm

We are very excited to serve our customers again this year. Spring is almost here and we are flooded with phone calls from people , who cannot wait to by plants from us and start working in their garden. Just to give everyone an update for this Spring…

  1. We carry a very nice collection of shrubs, trees (evergreen or deciduous ).
  2. We sell a variety of potted fruit trees (apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry, apricot &  maybe nectarine  (we know by March 20).  Available also a collection of Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Goji Berry, Tundra Honeyberry , Black Currants, Red Currants etc.
  3. Vegetable  plants will come later this Spring.
  4. Hanging baskets will be ready a week before  Mothers Day.
  5. Lastly, please come early (March , April )  to visit our Nursery !!

The supply on plant material is limited this year,  because of the Covid 19 issues (instead of going on holiday, people work in their own garden). We are looking forward  to help people  again this year  to purchase the plants of their  choice.  Also  we try to give updates during this Spring, Summer and Fall.

For more information, phone or email us.

John Hanson



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